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In 1990, Michael Pitre – Founder of Heaven Made Products – moved from Louisiana to Texas. During a Thanksgiving event that year, Michael was surprised by a friend at a new church he attended; his friend who was originally from New York introduced Michael to a Cajun deep-fried turkey. Michael was raised in Louisiana, but he never heard of Cajun deep-fried turkey. While helping his New Yorker friend fry the turkey, he noticed it was injected with “Italian salad dressing” and called “Cajun deep-fried turkey.” He thought something about that wasn’t right, so Michael began searching for a true Cajun deep-fried turkey recipe that would make Louisiana Proud.

His journey started with a desire for a traditional marinade that would please any grandma. Michael began his search at the local grocery stores, but all of his purchases sadly did not fit his criteria.  After many turkeys gave their lives for naught, God finally sent Michael the wisdom to create his own marinade. He decided to formulate his own marinade with garlic, butter, and the perfect blend of spices which enhanced the flavor of the turkey. Little did Michael know that God had more awaiting him, which was Heaven Made Products seasonings.

To complete his journey, he read about a cook that sprinkled seasonings on the outside of the turkey to boost flavor, so Michael bought seasonings from the local grocery store and sprinkled it on his deep-fried turkey. He thought the turkey turned out a little tastier, but he knew there was one more problem; the seasonings he bought off the store shelves were salt-based and too salty. Thus, Michael worked for years on perfecting the right combination of ingredients until his Heaven Made Products All-Purpose Seasoning was a result. Anyone that tried it would say, “It’s Incredible!” Since that day, Michael has called his All-Purpose Seasoning It’s Incredible and over the years developed a flavorful product line of five-Star seasonings.

Please enjoy cooking with our Seasonings & Marinades. They are a gift from God.

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