Frequently Asked Questions?

Absolutely not! Whatever you read on the ingredient panel, is what we put in our seasonings, rubs, and marinades.

Not at the current time. We purchase our herbs and spices from some of the best quality suppliers in the world!

We do not recommend freezing the products to prevent moisture from entering and damaging your seasonings.

We normally try to ship within 48 hours. Depending on where you live, you usually will receive an order in a week or less.

Our products are extremely low in MSG.

Our products DO NOT contain soy, legume, or eggs.

NO 🙂 …We use our “Famous Flavor Base” which is the core starting point and from there we build other supporting ingredients around our base adding the least possible amount of salt to complete our wonderful products.

The products have a two (2) year shelf life when unopened and kept in a cool, dry, dark area. After the products are open, we suggest using them for freshness in taste within 6 months.

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